Privacy Rules

There are rules to protect people's privacy. You have the right to control how people use information about you that they got when you are in a private place. Your home or someone else's home or any place that people must be invited into to enter (like a self-advocacy meeting or your workplace) is private. If someone takes a picture or video of you in those places, you have the right to say if they can use those things in public, like on a website, poster, paper or video. If they want to use your photo, name or story, you must first say it is OK. They will use a consent form to get your OK in writing.

When you are in public, it is different. You have no right to privacy in a public place, because it is public. People can take your picture at a rally or public meeting and can tell others what you said there. They do not need your consent to show or tell others what you did in public. All the law says is that they must be truthful about what you said or did.

Sometimes AACT uses pictures or stories to show how self-advocates make change happen. We do this because we want self-advocates to be proud and inspire other people to make the world a better place.

AACT have made a new consent form to help us tell stories of Albertans advocating for change together. An AACT representative (self-advocate or ally) will go through the form with you if we want to add your picture or story.