Self-Advocacy Training

How to Have a Say in Government

How to Have a Say in Government is a new course from the Disability Action Hall for self-advocates and allies. It teaches these things:
  • You can make a difference!
  • What governments in Canada do - programs that affect you, who represents you, how to find out what goes on
  • How to have a say - what works, when is best, how to get involved, political parties and voting, and how to write a letter, have a good meeting and make a speech.
You can do the course three ways.
  • Have the Disability Action Hall come teach your group.
  • Download the course materials and make changes to fit your group.
  • Do the course online.
The online version has audio so you can follow the words and pictures on the screen. There are activities and videos that show what we mean.
You can find the course at

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