Speakers for Self-Advocacy Groups

Self-Advocacy groups often have speakers come to their meetings or conferences to talk about things that interest self-advocates. Self-advocates are interested in all kinds of things, not just how to be a better self-advocate.

Albertans Advocating for Change Together want to help self-advocates all over Alberta find speakers who talk about things we are interested in using words we all understand. You can help us make the list better by sending us other people to add to this list. Please send their name, contact information (phone or email) and topic to alberta.act@gmail.com.

Here are some speakers Alberta self-advocates think are good. Some are self-advocates and some are not.

Motivation and Inspiration

Blair Charters blaircharters1@hotmail.com 403-896-0290  www.theblairchartersproject.com
Cory Johnson cbj@coryjohnson.ca   403-829-5844   www.coryjohnson.ca

Human Rights & Advocacy

Chris McBain (Belonging and Citizenship) 780-756-3252 chriscmcbain@gmail.com
Cory Segin: City of Edmonton on Public Engagement
Nicola Fairbrother   nfairbrother@shaw.ca  780-758-2815
Renee Vargois (John Humphrey Center for Peace & Human Rights)780-453-2638 www.jhcentre.org
Leah McRorie (parent advocate) Tweet her at @Leah_McRorie
Heath Birkholz (Right to Love - Edmonton)  heath@selfadvocacyfederation.com    
Right to Love group
(Calgary)  403-717-7630   actionhall@calgaryscope.org
Angela Irvine (Effective Communication in Advocacy: Find your voice and have it heard; The Right to Choose)  angelairvineconsulting@gmail.com   403-594-9106 


Alberta Parks (Red Deer) 403-748-3939   www.albertaparks.ca
Kerrywood Nature Centre (Red Deer)  403-346-2010
Discovery Wildlife Park (Innisfail)   403-227-3211
Ellis Bird Farm (Lacombe) 403-885-4477   www.ellisbirdfarm.ca
Fort Normandeau Waskasoo Environmental Education Society  403-346-2010
Jungle Farm  403-342-1998

Health & Fitness

Taoist Tai Chi Society (Red Deer)   403-343-2586
Master Rims Taekwondo (Red Deer)   403-342-1998
Country Pride Dance Club   403-314-1396
City of Red Deer Parks & Recreation Department   403-342-8234
Collicutt Centre Zumba (Red Deer)   403-358-7529
One-to-One Fitness (Red Deer)   403-341-4042
360 Degree Fitness (Red Deer)   403-347-1707
Alberta Health Services Dietician (Red Deer)  403-356-6431

Learning and Culture

Red Deer Cultural Services Centre  403-309-4091
Red Deer Public Library   403-755-1130
Central Alberta Sports Hall of Fame   403-341-8614   http://ashfm.ca
Red Deer College Transitional Vocational Program (TVP)   403-342-3114
Red Deer Museum   403-309-8405

Mental Health and Help

Wetaskiwin & District Victim Services vicserve@incentre.net 780-312-7287 www.victimserviceswetaskiwin.ca
Red Deer United Way   403-343-3900
Red Deer Emergency Services   403-346-5511

Community & Inclusion

Angela Irvine (Building Capacity for Diversity in your Community; Creating Community: Your Role in Building the Community that you Want; Inclusion for All:  Not Just a Disability Issue Anymore; Thank You for Being my Friend: Authentic social relationships and social inclusion)  angelairvineconsulting@gmail.com   403-594-9106


Vickie Mancini (Edmonton) 780-454-0701 ext. 102   http://gatewayassociation.ca/
Renate Burwash (Edmonton)  780-454-0701 ext. 113   http://gatewayassociation.ca/
Angela Irvine (The "New" Disability Employment Model: Meaningful engagement and contribution)  angelairvineconsulting@gmail.com   403-594-9106

Government Services

AISH (Red Deer)   403-340-7077

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